Athletic History

A couple of things have led to where I am today with my Track & Field career, and although it has come to an end, the memories and friends I’ve made along the way will live forever.

This is your year to do some really great things. Don’t allow ANYTHING to keep you from doing it. The goals, expectations and requirements remain the same. Get the job done. Go through the pain now, so you can witness the glory. You’re a LEADER for a reason.

Kirby Walker

Head Coach, UWA

Being a new member on any team comes with expectations but the motivation you recieve from not only your teammates but the head coach in such a short amount of time, brings a new level of focus and drive to the sport. This allowed for my own personal records to be shattered while running, and also UWA’s 4x400m relay record to be broken as well during my career at West.

After an eventful freshman season with the team, I prepared myself for my sophmore season with the goals of being on the podium at the GSC Conference Championships, and qualifying and being able to compete at the Division 2 National Championships. Although these goals were cut short because of Covid-19, the passion and mindset was still apart of my energy and work ethic. This allowed for me to continue traning as best as I can for another year of running with West Alabama.

That following year, I was able to achieve at least one of my goals by being on the podium at GSC Conference Championships placing 2nd overall in the Long Jump and breaking the school record in that event for the year. Although not all my goals were reached throughout my career, I made sure to always look back and enjoy the moments I had on & off the track.


What My Teammates Think About Me

He’s one of the realest people I know. If you want to know how you’re doing (during a workout) or what you can work on, he will tell it straight up and send tough love. There’s no beating around the bush, just straight up facts. The biggest impact he had on me, he would never let me slack off, we joke and play as if we aren’t about to go hard during a workout but when it comes down to it, we go after each other and if I am behind he was always there to pick me up and keep going. He basically showed me the ropes and treated me like a little brother.

Johnathon Davis

Freshman Teammate, Training Partner

He is an outstanding teammate. He is the example of of hard work and dedication. He is a team player that wants everyone to succeed and reach their goal. He is truly the backbone of the team, his energy resonates on the other athletes and pushes them to reach a different level either training or at a meet.

Cedric Dees Jr.

Team Captain, Senior Teammate