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 I’m Demetrius Jackson

I am a graduate from The University of West Alabama with a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications – Graphic Design Track. Along with classes, I was also apart of the West Alabama Men’s Track & Field team and was appointed captain for the 2021 -2022 season.

While being on campus, I was able to join Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated as part of the Fall 2019 initiates honing the name “4 Legends Of Sigma”. I was then voted in to serve as the Mu Kappa chapter’s President for the 2021 and 2022 school year. 


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There are many things that brought me to The University of West Alabama. The main reason for me would be their Track and Field program that was led by Coach Kirby Walker at the time. She recruited me during my final year of highschool and also during AAU season as well. Her interest of my talents sparked a interest in the campus for me to pursue my athletic career. While touring the campus I also became interested with the academic side of my college choice as well. West Alabama offered a promising future for me in Integrated Marketing Communications and I pursued the Graphic Design track of that major. Adjusting to the campus life is difficult for any student but luckily for me, having a brother who attended the same school and also having relatives that worked for the school, eased that stress and tension and allowed for me to make the decision to choose West Alabama as my college. After four years and plenty of hard work, i was able to shake the college presidents hand, here my name called, and recieve my degree.

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